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Welcome to Zen

Erthas a posted Feb 17, 15

Established in 2009 and based in New Zealand, Zen is always on the lookout for good solid raiders who are dedicated to raiding, can meet all time requirements and can perform great feats in the limited time we have allocated for raiding.

We have always been a 25man guild, with a Heroic prog focus since ToGC, and had good success throughout WotLK and into the start of Cata. Unfortunately the 10man focus from Blizzard forced us to focus on 10man raiding for Heroic DS onward, and as a result, a lot of our long timers took extensive leave.

With steady 10man prog through the early stages of MoP, and the return of a lot of our old raiders, we started focusing on a 2nd team, and had 2 teams clearing ToT pre nerf, and that trend has continued through SoO with both teams clearing current norm content and focusing on Heroic prog.

Since the unveiling of WoD we have turned our focus back to 20man raiding, and as such are looking to expand our numbers once again with like minded, friendly and helpful people, that are dedicated to pushing current tier Heroic progression and move into Mythic.

Our current progression is shown in the right column, and we are recruiting as per the Recruitment module at the top left of the page.

Note that we are strictly 18+, and will not take anyone younger.

Raid Times and Nights

Wednesday 6-9pm ST
Thursday  6-9pm ST
Monday    6-9pm ST

Application forms and info can be found in Recruitment tab at the top of the page.

If you only apply to be a user on the webpage, and don't fill out an application form, you will be declined.

Please don't hesitate to contact Notsoth (lunafishnz#1368) in game for a chat

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